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Cloverdale Elementary School

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Parents » Expectations of Lion Pride

Expectations of Lion Pride

Scholars are to follow all Clovedale expectations:
At Cloverdale, we will:
  1. Respect each other.
  2. Respect personal and school property.
  3. Respect the activities and play areas of others.
  4. Arrive on time and stay in assigned areas.
  5. Follow directions.
  6. Try hard. Do our best.
  7. Complete classroom and homework assignments.
  8. Use only assigned restrooms and use them only for their intended purposes.
  9. Leave the playground only with permission.
  10. At breakfast or lunch, sit at assigned tables, talk quietly and clean up the tables.  Remain seated until dismissed then go directly to the playground.

School Expectations:
1.  Be safe by keeping hands, feet and all personal items to yourself. 
2.  Be respectful by following the directions of all staff on campus.  Use kind words when speaking to
3.  Be safe while playing in designated areas at assigned times.
4.  Be respectful by leaving the playground, class or campus when permission is given.
5.  Be responsible and leave non-school items at home. Walk bikes on campus and lock in bike racks        (3rd-5th grades).
Cafeteria Expectations:
The lunch period is a time when courtesy and consideration become especially important. Cafeteria expectations are:
1.  Lineup and enter cafeteria area in an orderly manner.
2.  Sit in designated areas and use good manners.
3.  All food will be eaten in cafeteria or at picnic benches only.
4.  Be respectful by using quiet voices when talking at your tables.
5.  When leaving eating areas, leave the tables and floor clean and free of trash.
Playground Expectations:
The playground is always under the supervision of  school employees at each play period, lunch and recess. Scholars are taught to take pride in their surroundings and help keep the school grounds clean by following the expectations below:

1. Show respect to everyone – Do not push or cut in line, and remember to wait your turn.  There are no     closed games.
2.  Use all playground equipment correctly, be aware of other games, play safely on and around                  equipment, and run on grass only.
3.  Walk to and from playground and lunch areas.
4.  Freeze when the bell rings then promptly line up after the whistle.
5.  Restrooms are to be used for intended purposes only.
Classroom Behavior Expectations
Students are to behave at all times in a manner which will allow the teacher to carry out his/her classroom responsibilities. Teachers are entitled to be treated with respect by students. The teacher is an authority and responsible for the classroom. The learning process becomes optimal in a climate of mutual respect.

Basic expectations of conduct for every classroom will include the following:
  1. Scholars will be good listeners.
  2. Scholars will follow directions with minimal redirection.
  3. Scholars will show respect to others.
  4. Scholars will participate in the learning process without interruptions.
Positive Behavior/Citizenship Reinforcement
Positive reinforcement is used to encourage, reward, and recognize good citizenship. The vast majority of scholars follow the expectations and we believe it is important that scholars understand the connection between demonstrating self-discipline and the positive results of following expectations. Examples of positive reinforcement activities that may be used include, but are not limited to:
  • Fun Friday 
  • Coupons for food or activities
  • Scholars of the month and/or week
  • Stickers, stars, treats, prizes
  • Attendance incentives/certificates
  • Academic awards
  • Good citizenship certificates
  • Leadership privileges
  • Assemblies
  • Field trips
  • Extracurricular activities
The above activities could not be accomplished without the outstanding support of our parent organizations, volunteers, contributions from community merchants and restaurants.

Detention/Saturday School:
It is imperative for parents to support the school’s discipline procedures and to work with us to help your scholar to be successful. Detention or Saturday School is part of the discipline program and for that reason a scholar MUST ATTEND as assigned. When an after school detention is assigned, the school will give at least 24-hour notification to parents regarding assignment date(s). An additional detention day may be assigned when a detention slip is not returned. Additional detention days, or a day of suspension, will be assigned to scholars who fail to attend detentions or who misbehave during detention. Students who fail to attend or misbehave during Saturday School